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50 mistakes amateur screenwriters make

by Mukhya Khalsa

I disagree about not using Celtx, but otherwise this is a very good list to "avoid." http://www.t...Read More

The Screenplay Boink: Part 1, The Pickup Line

by Jeff Freeman

The pickup line is your in. That all important first impression that can make or break you. One line...Read More

Screenwriting is like Boinking

by Jeff Freeman

Mukhya and I are slaving away at yet another idea for the opening of our movie, and she just had an ...Read More

Screenwriting Blog #1

by Jeff Freeman

Mukhya and I have been writing a sci-fi horror/adventure flick for the last year and a half now. We'...Read More

Another Burlesque in Juneau

by Mukhya Khalsa

We tried filming this twice. Lots of work for the Luminous Pariah. The problem was that the light o...Read More

Burlesque in Juneau

by Mukhya Khalsa

Here's one that we made. Jeff said it was nice to get paid for a film that was real art. We spen...Read More

Does a three minute short need a script editor?

by Mukhya Khalsa

Let's assume you have a script or at least an idea. If the script is perfect, do you need an editor...Read More

Does a three minute short need a producer?

by Mukhya Khalsa

If it is going to be made, it does. The producer is responsible for keeping the project moving, esp...Read More

Story -or-

by Jeff Freeman

The first thing to consider when coming up with an idea for your flick: What do you like? And you'd ...Read More

Breaking Down Your Script -or- How to keep from having a breakdown later

by Jeff Freeman

A feature film can have literally hundreds of scenes that have to be shot in any number of locations...Read More

Storyboarding -or- "But I Suck at Drawing!"

by Jeff Freeman

If you can draw stick figures you’ll be fine. In fact, even if drawing a circle with two dots for ...Read More

Yogi Tea

by Mukhya Khalsa

On all film sets it is incredibly important to keep the crew fed, it is a relatively inexpensive way...Read More