Does a three minute short need a producer?

June 29, 2009 - by Mukhya Khalsa

If it is going to be made, it does. The producer is responsible for keeping the project moving, especially at the beginning when you have a lot of pre-production details to take care of. The producer doesn't have to do all the work but needs to make sure it gets done.

Possible things to do before production begins:

* script editing -- you just think your writing doesn't need it, but it does.
* scout locations and acquire them -- assure the owners of locations that it will take a lot longer than they think and that you will need quiet.
* acquire 'actors'
* acquire a director
* acquire production crew --you can do it by yourselves but it makes it easier to have a crew
* get releases from the actors and location owners
* storyboard
* buy or borrow needed equipment -- at the minimum you will need storage medium e.g. video tape
* gather up odds and ends like clothes pins and duct tape
* arrange craft services --usually just buying treats (healthy snacks keep people working longer than a lot of sugar, which will get them high, then make them *crash!*) and bringing coffee/yogi tea

During production:

* everyone in the right place at the right time
* everything in the right place at the right time
* last minute shopping because something was forgotten
* last minute casting because someone didn't show or an extra is needed

During post production:

* keeping the editor on track
* help acquire music and Foley's.


* festivals
* YouTube
* other Web sites --Vimeo, Hollywood for Mortals, etc

Am I missing anything? Write your comments and let me know.

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